Governance IT

A collaborative business model

Apposite is thought of, not as a service provider, but as a true in-house IT department, possessing all the skills required to support its customers in all aspects of their IT in SPOC mode.
We are also aware that business leaders need strategic consulting.

Our customers call on us, just as they would with in-house colleagues, without question. This is the ambition of our model.


Our cloud services offer includes hosting for your services, applications and virtual servers.

  • Benefit from a reliable, scalable infrastructure to run your applications and guarantee their availability.
  • Ensure your data is protected with our advanced backup solutions, enabling you to back up and retrieve crucial information when you need it.
  • Be prepared in the event of a disaster with our disaster recovery services, offering robust recovery plans to minimize downtime and maintain business continuity.

Our cloud offerings are developed in collaboration with our Tier 4-rated hosting partner, guaranteeing a highly secure and redundant environment, ensuring maximum availability of your services.

Take advantage of high availability to maintain optimum performance, without interruption or slowdown, for an optimal user experience in total mobility.

IT Audit

Custom IT Audit

We offer comprehensive audits of your IT infrastructure, assessing all aspects of security, from penetration testing and configuration checks to wifi, network, server and PC security. We customize our audits to meet your specific needs, and present them in the form of a comprehensive report with a risk assessment.

Our reports are designed to be clear, to make proposals and to be resolutely useful for your company.


Our expertise in LAN & WAN networks, switching, and routing allows us to design and implement secure infrastructures that ensure the protection of your sensitive data.

  • We ensure that your network is configured optimally to prevent intrusions and attacks.
  • We offer high-density professional Wi-Fi solutions designed to provide secure and reliable connectivity, even in high-demand environments.
  • Our Wi-Fi design expertise ensures a deployment tailored to your specific needs while maintaining high levels of security.

With our Firewall and USM (Unified Security Management) security system, we implement advanced protection measures to prevent intrusions and detect suspicious activities.

Our team also conducts internal and external intrusion tests to identify vulnerabilities and enhance your security.

Maintenance & 24/7 Support

Our managed service/maintenance ensures 24/7 monitoring of all your services and servers, ensuring maximum availability and immediate responsiveness in case of incidents or malfunctions.

You can have peace of mind knowing that your systems are constantly monitored by our team of experts. Our qualified technical support team is ready to provide quick and effective answers to your questions, offering superior quality support for all your IT concerns.

In critical situations, our engineer-level on-call service is available to intervene rapidly and solve complex problems. We are committed to complete proactivity in managing your infrastructure. Our team continuously monitors and analyzes the performance of your systems, anticipating potential issues and taking preventive measures to ensure optimal stability and efficiency.